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Our sessions are split into three tracks, based on target audience, but you don’t need to commit to just one track.ย  Attend the sessions that interest you from any track!

End Users (& New Users)

The End Users track is intended for individuals who are interested in WordPress as a publishing platform or CMS, and is also suitable for users who have little or no experience with WordPress. If you’re an End User (or New User), the inner workings of the WordPress software mean less to you than what you can do with the software. The End User track is a great fit for bloggers, small business owners, community organizations, entrepreneurs, students, hobbyists and freelancers.


The Designers track is intended for individuals who are interested in using WordPress as the engine that powers their websites, and probably have at least an intermediate level of experience with WordPress. If you’re a Designer, you likely have experience with web/graphic design, HTML+CSS, or using software like Adobe Dreamweaver. The Designer track is a great fit for anyone that is interested in creating custom themes or migrating existing websites/designs to the WordPress platform.


The Developers track is intended for individuals who already have fairly extensive experience, and are interested in the inner workings of WordPress: creating plugins, making extensive modifications, or contributing to the core code. If you’re a Developer, you likely have experience with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. The Developer track is a great fit for PHP developers looking for a solid CMS to build upon.

Sunday Workshops

Our hands-on Sunday workshops give you an opportunity to work with WordPress in a classroom setting. Each room is equipped with power outlets at every desk, and a wifi connection is available throughout the campus. To fully participate in the workshops, you are required to bring your own laptop – computers are not provided by the college, or by WordCamp Toronto.

Saturday Night After-Party

Join us at Habanero’s on Saturday night @ 6:30pm for margaritas and complementary munchies! Habanero’s will be exclusively #WCTO for three hours, so come and have some drinks, some food, and some good chatter, with other WordCamp attendees. Habanero’s is just west of Front St., and Church in the St. Lawrence Market district.

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  1. Dolores Pargana says:

    I am interested in learning more about blogging with WordPress. I have created a blog but there are quite a few things I want to add to it but can’t figure out how. I am not interested in the Designers nor the Advanced sessions, just want to learn how to be an End User. I have an Apple computer and it seems also more difficult to find apps to work on it. Is it possible to get a ticket for admission just to the End User session(s)?

    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Dolores,

      Tickets are for the entire event, including all three streams of presentations on Saturday, and the planned workshops on Sunday. The intention is that attendees will choose the stream that matches their experience level and/or interests.

      I think you will get your money’s worth from the End User stream, and might be interested in the workshop we are planning on Sunday to help new users get their WordPress site set up.

  2. I am so excited about this! I live in London, ON and there are no courses here. I originally created my website [] in FrontPage. I have not updated it in a year. I have Dreamweaver but don’t really know how to use it.

    I think I’m between beginner AND intermediate though so am hoping for assistance on what stream/s to attend for sessions.

    I have been using WordPress for my blog []. After figuring out the basics I created a website for an organization I belong to using WordPress [] and a template (actually have reincarnated this site several times with different templates).

    I know how to use the software. I know about design elements (have designed newsletters, case studies, flyers, etc. using Pagemaker and Publisher). I am a WYSIWYG learner and I don’t know CSS. I could never figure out HTML either.

    I want to re-create my website (which is old and out of date) using WordPress – fast – soon! I invested in one template package but really need some hands-on to get me going. My other goal is to help other freelance writers create their websites, then hand over the day-to-day maintenance to them.

    I hope you will help me find sessions that meet my goals. I look forward to learning more about WordPress!

  3. Cindy says:

    Can I only attend the Sunday workshops? What are the workshops in particular? What we will be discussing / learning that day?

    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Cindy.
      The cost of admission covers the whole weekend, and you are welcome to attend all, or any part, of the weekend that interests you. We’ll have the schedule up shortly.
      The currently scheduled workshops will cover the range of experience levels, and will include setting up a local WordPress installation, getting started with WordPress from scratch to a working website, WordPress Multi-Site & BuddyPress, and advanced plugin development.

  4. Really Looking forward to it! I’m been so excited for a Toronto Wrod Camp.
    Can’t wait to get into buddy press, Multi Site, Hooks, Custom Post Types, Meta Fields, best CMS tricks! there is so much to cover! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lexxi says:

    Looking forward to the conference. Just purchased my ticket. I’m a graphic designer looking for a developer to code my WP site – hoping to make some contacts over the Nov.5/6 weekend. Will there be anything officially set up at the conference to help facilitate this?

    • Craig Taylor says:

      We don’t have plans for anything official, but if you introduce yourself, we can probably hook you up with a few people who can help. BTW – Not sure if you’ve spent much time with WP, but if you’re a graphic designer, you could probably learn how to do a lot of it yourself in some of the sessions!

    • Hi Lexxi,

      If you have already found a developer, great! If not, I can help you out. Check out some of my work at

    • Jordan Q says:

      Hey there Lexxi,

      I will be attending both days of the conference and will be making it a point to network and speak with people that may benefit from my services.
      If you still need help with your website, I would be very interested in working with you.
      Our corporate website is

      Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I want to come on just Sunday. Do I have to get the pass for $30 or can I just pay for the day? Can I just show up Sunday morning, and get in?

  7. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, I’m just seeing that someone asked about one-day access. I see the online pass is $30 for both days but will you have a one-day price for people who show up on Sunday? I think it’s very possibly you’ll have people coming for Sunday — even a reduced one day rate of $20 for the one day would be cool. I want to do the whole weekend but I have to be at work on Saturday! ๐Ÿ™

    • Craig Taylor says:

      Right now we only have one price of $30, which covers the whole weekend. Our actual cost per attendee is much more than $30, but we are able to keep the price down thanks to our sponsors. Perhaps this is something we could look at for next year.

  8. julia says:

    Hi, Craig,

    I am interested in both of the workshops of “hand-on multisite” and “build mobile apps” on Sunday afternoon. But I can only attend one. Will there a video record (or screen cast), then I can review it later on?


    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Julia,
      We are definitely video taping the Saturday sessions (45 minutes each), and they will be posted at We will also tape what we can of the Sunday workshops, but they will require some creative editing, since they are ~3 hrs long, and won’t be nice straightforward presentations. (We can probably edit together anything the leaders present, and cut out the rest.)
      Long answer, sorry. Short answer is that we’ll do our best!

  9. Victoria Ward says:

    I am really looking forward to WordCamp. I don’t think I can make Sunday however would it be valuable or just a nuisance to bring my laptop with me on Saturday? Thanks.

    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Victoria,
      You can definitely bring your laptop on Saturday. Each room is a lecture theatre with desks and power, and we’ll have access to WiFi throughout the weekend.
      Take a look at the pictures on the Facilities page.

  10. Hi Craig,

    Now that you’ve got my sister’s question out of the way … I have one. I am a highly experienced WP user, and my site is pretty sophisticated, but I am an end user. Not sure which stream I should be in.

    p.s. all my siblings are going and we’re calling it WardCamp

    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Mariellen,
      Geez, we’ve got logos and stickers all done with the wrong spelling! (Although I’m happy to see that you still properly capitalized the C.) ๐Ÿ™‚
      If you’re an experience WP user, you’ll have to look at the description for each presentation. (You can switch streams anytime. You’re not committed to one.)
      It looks like you would probably want a combination of End User & Designer streams, depending on the specific topic of each presentation. There are many to choose from!

  11. Conrad Muan says:

    Last minute question:

    I’ve paid and clicked on the link in my email to choose my t-shirt size etc – but I don’t see where I can print out a ticket? How do I show proof of payment?


    • Craig Taylor says:

      Hi Conrad,

      You don’t need a ticket. If you’ve filled out the registration form, your name is on our list.

      See you Saturday!


  12. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait till the WordCamp is on!
    It’s good to have a chance to bring a notebook with me, I’ll definitely do this!
    The facilities are definitely at their best.

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